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Barbells & Sage

My Journey

We all have a journey. The thing to remember is the past doesn't define who you are but it does build you up.  

I had a rough child hood. My parents fought all the time. I was always scared and hiding. They split up when I was very young. My sister and I lived with my Grandma for what seemed like forever. My dad fought really hard for custody of my sister and I all while working long hours at the hospital. He ended up winning and my mom got into an abusive relationship. As a kid this really messed with me. I felt unworthy and scared often. I didn't feel safe and I would shut down.

This carried into my middle school years, I had a hard time making friends. The girls were mean! Some days it was like walking on egg shells going to school, you never knew if your "friends" were going to be mad at you or not. In high school I tried to distract myself from how I really felt inside and partied ALL the time. The partying carried into my early 20's until I got pregnant. My son is the best thing to happen to me. I really cleaned up and made a promise to never go back to my old ways.  

I had 2 wonderful boys only a year apart. I was young and only 21 at the time. Still not knowing who I am. I ended up getting into an abusive relationship just like my mom. It started off where I thought I was a princess and felt the love I had always searched for. It soon changed after my dad passed. Things got bad and I started to drink again to hide from the pain I was really feeling inside. I didn't know how to get out. Until one day I just left and I didn't look back.  

It was so easy to think at the time I lost everything. I literally had nothing when I left and I built myself back up. I became independent and got my own house. I worked really hard for this and even had to fight to see my kids. My children's dad and his family have been a huge help for me especially when I felt like I had no one.  

I got into another relationship and trust me it was hard, I had trust issues in not just others but myself too. After 5 years of being together I took a scary leap and moved in with him. I'm happy to say that we are happy, my kids are happy and I am great friends with their dad.  

I still felt like a piece of me was missing. I wasn't happy with myself deep inside. I thought it was more body image issues so I hired my first Coach to help me lose weight. Little did I know she was going to help me with my mindset. My whole life shifted, I started seeing life from a different view! I knew from that moment this was my calling and there are so many others who need my help.

I got certified in Health and Wellness Coaching and Personal Trainer Certified but that wasn't enough for me. I knew the change is deeper and the wounds that need healing are deeper than the surface. I decided to get certified in NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Time Techniques. I recently became a Breathwork Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner to deepen the healing journey.

 My mission is to help young women love them self for who they truly are. Be confident in life and live their dreams and true potential. I want to help release the blocks and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from up leveling your life whether your goal is to lose weight or just live a happier healthier life.

Barbells & Sage

Chelsea Reinbold, Mindset & Spiritual Coach

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