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Barbells & Sage

Workshops & Tools

This is all about self care & self love.  Shower yourself with the tools your body craves to heal and to feel loved.  It is time to fill your cup up!


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What is it?

Breathwork is an active conscious breathing technique that leads a patient into a non-ordinary state of consciousness to help us slow down, activates the para sympathetic nervous system and get us back into our body. In this state unconscious and previously repressed thoughts and emotions rise to the surface for us to healthily process and release.


  • Immediate stress reduction & anxiety relief

  • Reduces toxins in your body & provides an energetic release

  • Heals past trauma and emotions

  • Deepens your relationship to yourself and your body

  • Click the Breathwork link above to schedule a 1:1 virtual session

    When you schedule your 1:1 session, I will send you a form to fill out and reach out to you personally for more information on how I can support you for you to get the most out of our session together.   

    Workshops & Coaching

    Workshops| Mindset Coaching | Courses


    Once a month I will be hosting a breathwork workshop around a specific theme. Each month will be different and will vary. These workshops are typically around 75 minutes long. We will do activities such as journal prompts, partnered activities followed by breathwork. This is a fun way to heal and get to know others. The next workshop will be held Feb 15, 2022 @ 6:30 PM EST.   We will be breathing into Self Love <3


    Mindset Coaching

    This is an intense 12 week program where we dive deep into your past and heal from the inside out. We do more than just mindset coaching together. In fact you will embody the version of yourself you truly dream of.  

    If you find yourself knowing there is more to life and wondering why you just don't feel complete this program is for you. If you find you have goals and struggle to achieve them this program is for you.  

    We all have old programming and past wounds that need healing and it can be done.  

    To apply click the link below... 

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    Manifesting can be so confusing with so much information out there. It is time to stop putting your mind, body, and soul in a box and take the aligned action that is meant for YOU.

    In this membership/course you will have access to new lessons each month with workbooks, meditations, hypnosis, live breathwork, live Divine Gatherings and so much more. You will also have access to all previous lessons and recordings as well.

    As a member you will receive special offers towards 1:1 Coaching and other workshops.

    Sign Up Here

    Journal & Self Care Gift Box

    Journal | Self Care Box | Planner


    Use this sturdy hard cover journal to record all your instantaneous thoughts. Make notes to discover what triggers your immediate thinking about yourself and the things that surround you.

    Self Care Box

    This box was crafted and created to help you fill your cup up each month. It consists of products that are handmade such as bath salts, lip balm and essential oil blends that are infused with crystals.  Each box will contain this as well as a ritual card and moon cycles for the month, crystals and sage.  The crystals are purchased in support of a local small business owner.

    There are 2 options for the box. Option 1 will contain all the above as well as a bigger item that changes monthly (valued over $100). Option 2 will be just the items above (valued over $75).

    I help you help yourself...

    Barbells & Sage

    Chelsea Reinbold, Mindset & Spiritual Coach

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